Tractor Online Training Course

How much does a tractor cost? Why let someone drive it that doesn't know what they are doing then? Make sure everyone that operates equipment that could kill them knows how to operate it properly and safely.
This is an in-house based training program to be overseen by the owner / manager/or competent representative of the farm or property.

You can help your team to:
Find out the how and why of improving traction when using your tractor.
Learn about managing stability while using a front end loader and the rocking front axle.
Understand the many uses of independent brakes and the easy way to attach 3 pt link implements.
Set up gear splitters or draft control like contractors do. 
Understand how the law affects you, checking the machinery and how to set up PTO shaft length.
You and your team members can test your knowledge of the theory, then have a crack at the practical drive examples.
Print a copy of your team member's certificates for company training records plus a life time proof of their completed course online.
You can then demonstrate safe operating workplace practices, as required by the Health and Safety at Work (HSW) Act 2015.

You can now refer to the training material 24 hrs a day to consolidate your knowledge and use for refresher training to keep up to date with changes at no extra cost.

Tractor Training

Tractor Online Training Course

Online Training Course

$295.00+GST per person

The following study materials are available when you purchase this course:-

Tractor Training Module One
Understanding the legalities and paperwork required for operating your tractor

This module teaches you the details of Registration and Licencing Lighting Passengers Age Requirements/Safety Frames

Tractor Training Module Two
Safety and Maintenance Checks

Understand the need to be up to date with your servicing, and make sure you know what to look out for in your DAILY checks

Tractor Training Module Three
Learn about the controls of a tractor

Understand the controls of your tractor, and what you need to look for on other models

Tractor Training Module Four
Safe Towing with your tractor

Learn how to safely tow trailers and other implements with your tractor

Tractor Training Module Five
Safe Use of PTO Driven Implements

Understand how to safely use PTO Driven Implements, this section contains video images that may upset some people

Tractor Training Module Six
Managing the Dynamics of Tractors, Stability and Attached Implements

Learn how to operate your tractor and keep it stable when using all the attachments you need on a farm

Tractor Training Module Seven
Tractor Summary and WOW (Words of wisdom)

Here are some WOW on tractor training, this section summarises the course, you need to have read the other sections first for this to make sense!

Tractor Study Practical Assessment
Download the resources for your tractor practical assessment

Demonstrate your knowledge of operating a tractor based on the information from your tractor course

Tractor Health and Safety
Understand your health and safety responsibilities

Health and Safety responsibilities are always paramount

The following assessments are available when you purchase this course:-

Tractor - Online Assessment

If you are happy that you have read and understood all of the course study material, then proceed to take the assessment. Remember you can have one device or browser for the Assessment, and another to refer to the study material.